Big business supports firing of marijuana patient

Brandon Coats (in wheelchair) with attorney Michael Evans.

Brandon Coats (in wheelchair) with attorney Michael Evans.

March 22, 2014

By Michael Roberts
Denver Westword

Since 2012, we’ve been reporting about DISH’s firing of Brandon Coats, a paralyzed medical marijuana patient, after he failed a drug test.

Coats’s lawsuit over the issue has failed in Arapahoe District Court and the Colorado Court of Appeals. It’s now headed to the Colorado Supreme Court, where powerful forces are lining up against him, including some of the most prominent business organizations in the state. Continue for details and a newly filed court document.

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Las Vegas to allow marijuana dispensaries

March 20, 2014

By Conor Shine
Las Vegas Sun

A push to increase patient access to medical marijuana took a step forward today as two local governments voted to allow dispensaries and related businesses in their jurisdictions.

In Clark County, commissioners approved land-use and licensing regulations that clear the way for prospective medical marijuana entrepreneurs to begin filing applications for special-use permits next month.

A few hours earlier, the Las Vegas City Council took a stand on medical marijuana, voting to allowing dispensaries and directing staff to bring back final regulations for a vote in May or June.

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What I would do if I had cancer

March 20, 2014

By Dr. Luc Duchesne
Investtor Intel

Special Medicinal Marijuana Feature: Odds are five percent I will get cancer. If I have cancer odds are fifty percent I will die from it, a statistic that would turn me into an emotional wreck.

If I had cancer I would do four things to increase my odds of survival:

1.) I would follow the allopathic therapies proposed by my medical doctor to grab the first fifty percent chances of survival. After all we benefit from over a hundred years of very expensive research to beat cancer. At one point in my life I harvested ground hemlock, an understory shrub, for the extraction of Paclitaxel, a molecule used in chemotherapy. Lots of really smart people have worked on paclitaxel since 1955.

2.) Next I would start using Indica strains of marijuana on a regular basis. Modern science is convinced that cannabinoids (the biologically active substances found in Cannabis) have antitumor properties and there is a large body of peer-reviewed scientific evidence that cannabis is useful in cancer treatment, especially as the mode of action of cannabinoids has been investigated. It seems cannabinoids stop cancer cells on their monstrous growth pattern, and kills them (more information, click here). Allow me to add however, that I would eat the marijuana rather than smoke it in order increase uptake.

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Start-up Offers Ad Network for Cannabis Industry

February 27, 2014

By Drake Dorm
Medical Jane

notallowedOver the past year or so, the Medical Jane team has experimented with different outlets in search of a way to effectively grow our website’s traffic and expand our voice. However, we ran into one hurdle after another. The big guys like Google and Facebook do not play nice with cannabis-related content (even ancillary products), and as such, we began to feel trapped.

We knew that we couldn’t be the only ones who felt this way, so we met with various business owners in the industry to get their take. What we found was just as we expected. Many of the people we reached out too faced very similar issues as us, some already giving up on digital marketing entirely. This discovery quickly led to the creation of the MANTIS Ad Network, a CPC (cost-per-click) ad network built exclusively for connecting quality advertisers and publishers in the cannabis industry.

According to Matthew Price, Founder and CEO of Medical Jane and CEO of the MANTIS Ad Network, “there are a lot of like-minded entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry that are looking for ways to monetize their website(s). The MANTIS Ad Network gives site owners the ability to make money with a few just a few clicks, all while making it easy to manage what types of ads are displayed to their viewers — for quality control.”

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