Strategic Partner Opportunity

Are you a major company looking for an entry into the rapidly developing marijuana/cannabis
industry on the recreational level?

We are purposely being vague as to not reveal our business plan but our vision is great.
Briefly, as we have mentioned in
About Us
, we are in the process of branding/creating a brownie mix under
our brand name, Baja Brownies™. The possibilities are endless and we have many ideas in
our business plan to be discussed only with serious inquiries.

We are fast building an industry mailing list, a Twitter following under the name @BajaBrownies, and other
marketing and branding tools.

Your financial assistance is not of great significance to us but rather ‘your’ background
and expertise in the restaurant and/or entertainment arena. Your financial strength will
be important to us in evaluating potential strategic partners to assure us of your
long-term ability to assist in development and executing on our business plan.