What I would do if I had cancer

March 20, 2014

By Dr. Luc Duchesne
Investtor Intel

Special Medicinal Marijuana Feature: Odds are five percent I will get cancer. If I have cancer odds are fifty percent I will die from it, a statistic that would turn me into an emotional wreck.

If I had cancer I would do four things to increase my odds of survival:

1.) I would follow the allopathic therapies proposed by my medical doctor to grab the first fifty percent chances of survival. After all we benefit from over a hundred years of very expensive research to beat cancer. At one point in my life I harvested ground hemlock, an understory shrub, for the extraction of Paclitaxel, a molecule used in chemotherapy. Lots of really smart people have worked on paclitaxel since 1955.

2.) Next I would start using Indica strains of marijuana on a regular basis. Modern science is convinced that cannabinoids (the biologically active substances found in Cannabis) have antitumor properties and there is a large body of peer-reviewed scientific evidence that cannabis is useful in cancer treatment, especially as the mode of action of cannabinoids has been investigated. It seems cannabinoids stop cancer cells on their monstrous growth pattern, and kills them (more information, click here). Allow me to add however, that I would eat the marijuana rather than smoke it in order increase uptake.

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