Marijuana edibles expand in hungry market

By Marguerite Arnold
Main Street

potbrownOne of the more interesting sales phenomena since the advent of Colorado’s legal recreational pot market is the popularity of infused food and products delivering THC and the other 65 cannabinoids in marijuana orally.

Products containing cannabinoids may seem like novelty items for recreational users. Medicinal users, however, have long used orally ingested forms of the drug to help further refine the intended impact and delivery efficacy.

After the January 1 legalization in Colorado, many stores that stocked the same reported invoking strict rationing to no more than two products a day per customer. Products flew off shelves so fast that vendors reportedly feared more than a month’s inventory would sell out in the first week of legal recreational sales.

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How can Congress cure political ills? Smoke some marijuana

April 8, 2014

By Dana Milbank
The Washington Post

Legal marijuana is spreading like a weed across the land but it has yet to take root in the place where people might benefit most from inhaling: the U.S. Capitol.

The Maryland General Assembly finished work Monday on a marijuana decriminalization bill, joining two dozen other states and the District in some form of legalization. Colorado and Washington allow recreational pot, while most others have legalized only medical marijuana, but the combined campaign has redefined the meaning of a grass-roots movement.

Still, federal law hasn’t budged, and a bill sponsored by Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.) that would recognize the medical value of marijuana has languished for a year; it has only 23 co-sponsors and no chance of passing. On Monday, when members of the pro-legalization Americans for Safe Access held their annual “lobby day” on Capitol Hill, not a single member of Congress granted them a personal audience.

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National Association of Cannabis Pharmacy Launches

April 3, 2014

NACP-logoThe National Association of Cannabis Pharmacy (NACP) launched today during the Specialty Pharmacy EXPO, hosted by the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP), in Tampa.

The purpose of the new association is to support pharmacists who dispense, administer and compound cannabis-based products to treat specialty diseases including multiple sclerosis, HIV, oncology and Rheumatoid arthritis, according to an NASP press release.

“The focus has to be on the patient and how they are receiving guidance and education to manage conditions in which medical marijuana is incorporated as part of the treatment plan,” Joseph Friedman RPh., MBA said. “There is an immediate need for the development of advanced training and parameters for pharmacists to lead the process.”

Initially, the NACP will focus on building an educational platform focused on the compounding, administration and use of medical marijuana for specialty therapeutic categories. Through the NACP, pharmacists will receive the necessary training to utilize cannabis for concomitant therapy, specifically in the retail channel. NACP will also investigate the development of an accreditation program for pharmacies and a professional certification program for pharmacists.

“The legislation guiding the use of medical marijuana varies by state and does not include the pharmacist in a role that allows them to use their knowledge and expertise to protect the patient and improve their outcomes,” Mathew Sherwood, NACP Cannabis Industry Consultant, said. “This is an opportunity to close that gap.”

Wally World Media Launches New Subsidiary, Vape Shop Holdings

Acquires BongShop.com and 20 other Legal Cannabis Industry Domains to launch e-commerce and Intellectual Property Subsidiary.

April 2, 2014

BONG200Wally World Media, Inc. (OTCQB: WLYW) announced today that it has launched a new subsidiary to address the legal cannabis industry’s need for new technology platforms to explore acquisitions and to develop new products.

Kyle Moys of Washington State has been appointed President, Vape Shop Holdings, Inc., which has acquired 21 domain names including bongshop.com, vapesugar.com vapestore.net and herbcake.com that the company intends to launch to meet consumer demand for new innovative products in the legal cannabis industry. We will further update our shareholders upon further execution of our business plan.  The company’s website is http://www.vapeshopinc.com

“In addition to the new technology platforms and potential acquisitions, Mr. Moy’s appointment as President brings with it a tremendous amount of product knowledge and an operational base in a state that has legalized the recreational use of Marijuana,” said Darin Myman, CEO of Wally World Media.

Wally World Media, Inc. is a developer of mobile technology platforms for digital media and entertainment. The company offers a video platform and mobile application to easily create, edit and share high-quality digital content. For more information please visit: www.reshoot.com.

Dines Letter recommends buying shares in marijuana companies

James Dines

James Dines

Legendary newsletter writer James Dines of The Dines Letter is now recommending shares of marijuana companies.

Dines is one of the front-runners for many investment sectors and lead many subscribers to great gains in the uranium boom.

Will he do it again with marijuana investments?

Dines Says Buy Fusion Pharm – FSPM

Dines Says Buy Medbox – MDBX

Dines Says Buy Medical Marijuana – MJNA

Dines Says Buy Growlife – PHOT

Dines Says Buy Cannibis Science – CBIS

Dines Says Buy ATV – ATVC

Dines Says Buy Advanced Cannabis Solutions – CANN

Follow future investment ideas in this sector as we will soon develop our website, InvestingInMarijuanaStocks.com

Struggling Junior Miners Watch Penny Stocks Grow Thanks To Medical Marijuana

By Sunny Freeman

A flurry of Canadian resource exploration companies are abandoning the dream of striking it rich in the gold rush in favour of what they see as the next big thing: the green rush.

The Street is starting to take notice of a trend in penny stocks jumping into the medical marijuana industry. A number of shell companies are appearing on the market, while other resource companies in the struggling sector are diversifying in search of greener pastures.

Most of these companies have neither seedlings nor medical marijuana licences, but that has yet to deter eager investors. Their share prices still go soaring at the hint of a joint venture with a pot producer or the arrival of a new board member with a marijuana-laced resumé.

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Next dot-com boom could be marijuana

March 25, 2014

Yahoo News

The U.S. cannabis market is slated to grow 64% to $2.34 billion this year and upward to $10.2 billion in five years, thanks to 20 states making medicinal marijuana legal and Washington and Colorado the first to embrace it recreationally.

According to a study by Colorado State University, some 665,000 residents of the state will use the drug recreationally in 2014, now that they won’t be breaking any laws. In terms of quantity, the study estimates that each user will smoke 3.53 ounces this year or 2.3 million total ounces — in Colorado alone.

Even conservative Canada is joining the party. As of April 1, the country will allow licensed producers to grow medical marijuana on a commercial scale. Health Canada estimates the market could be worth $2.6 billion by 2016. Combined with the U.S., that would create a $5 billion-plus North American boom.

In other words, marijuana is big business and only getting bigger.

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Stocks surge in medical marijuana market


“The Medical Marijuana business is slowly recapitalizing the junior mining industry in Canada,” stated Harry Barr, CEO of Next Gen (N: CSE, NXTTF: OTC Pink).

Cases in point:

Satori Resources (BUD: TSXV) appoints Scott Walters; a mining and agricultural consultant specializes in the Medical Marijuana space. In a month, the shares have gone from roughly $0.03 to more than quadruple to a high of $0.13.

Enertopia (ENRT: OTCBB) (TOP: CSE) has been all over the wires with it’s plans to enter the space and investors have run the stock from $0.10 to a high of $0.89 in a few months. It has seen trades at $1.00.

Thelon Capital (THC: TSXV) appointed the above-mentioned Scott Walters to its Board. The shares moved from $0.01 to $0.09 over the last month.

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